Animal Fancy

Animal fancy is a hobby involving the appreciation, promotion, or breeding of pet or domestic animals.

Fancy may include ownership, showing, trialling and other competitions, breeding and judging. Hobbyists may simply collect specimens of the animal in appropriate enclosures, such as aquaria, vivaria and aviaries. Fanciers with means may keep hobby farms or private zoos. There are many animal fancy clubs and associations in the world catering for everything from pigeons to Irish Wolfhounds; members may own many animals or none at all.

There are also many animal fancying hobbies that include keeping animals considered exotic pets, such an example of a rapidly growing hobby is herpetoculture- the keeping of reptiles and amphibians.

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Animal Fancy - Organizations
... Some examples of animal fancy organizations are The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) is the largest cat fancy organization in the United Kingdom ... Fanciers' Association (CFA) is the largest cat fancy organization in the United States and was formed in 1906 ... and running programs to encourage participation in the cat fancy ...

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    Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826)

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