Anh Dao Traxel

Anh Dao Traxel (Vietnamese spelling: Anh Đào Traxel, born Dương Anh Đào) (Born c. 1958 in South Vietnam) is the foster daughter of former French President Jacques Chirac. She was a boat people refugee, and met Jacques Chirac at Roissy Airport in 1979. He told her "Don’t cry, ma chérie. You are coming home with us" and took her home. She was then 21 and her adoptive father was 47.*

She spent two years in the home of the Chiracs. Mrs Traxel was married twice. Her second husband, Emmanuel Traxel, is a police lieutenant. She has four children, Bernard-Jacques, Laurence-Claude, Jacques and Cassandre. The children call Jacques Chirac Grandpa. She is now the President of a European association of assistance to the families of civil servants who died during their service (Étoile européenne du dévouement civil et militaire).

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