Andrew Bell

Andrew Bell may refer to:

  • Andrew Bell (artist) (born 1978), toy designer, founder of Dead Zebra, Inc
  • Andrew Bell (engraver) (1726–1809), Scottish co-founder of the Encyclopædia Britannica
  • Andrew Bell (educationalist) (1753–1832), Scottish pioneer of mutual instruction and author of the Madras System of Education
  • Andrew Bell (cricketer) (born 1982), English former cricketer
  • Andrew Bell (journalist) (fl. 1827–63), lecturer and journalist in Scotland
  • Andrew Bell (minister) (1803–1856), Presbyterian minister in Upper Canada

Famous quotes containing the word bell:

    You owe me ten shillings,
    Say the bells of St. Helen’s.
    When will you pay me?
    Say the bells of Old Bailey.
    When I grow rich,
    Say the bells of Shoreditch.
    Pray when will that be?
    Say the bells of Stepney.
    I am sure I don’t know,
    Says the great bell of Bow.
    —Unknown. The Bells of London (l. 13–22)