Andreou (Greek: Ανδρέου), also spelt Antreou, is a common (surname) in Greece and Cyprus. It originally meant son of Andrew or son of Andreas. Andreou or Andreu is also a last name in Spain and Italy. Andreou is of pre-Christian Greek origin although in Western Europe it gained popularity during the crusades (mostly in the form of Andrew) and was also one of the earliest settler names in America.

Andreou may refer to:

  • Anastasios Andreou (1877–1947), Greek-Cypriot athlete who competed in the 1896 Summer Olympics in Athens
  • Anna Andreou, Greek actress
  • Alex Andreou, Greek-Cypriot film director
  • Charalambos Andreou (born 1967), Greek-Cypriot footballer
  • Constantine Andreou (1917–2007), Légion d'honneur awarded painter & sculptor of Greek origin
  • Costas Andreou, Greek musician
  • Christos Andreou, Greek-Cypriot film composer
  • Chrisoula Andreou, American philosophy professor
  • Eleen Andreou, Greek-Cypriot actress and film producer
  • Elena Andreou, Greek-Cypriot singer
  • Errikos Andreou, Greek film director
  • Ioannis Andreou, Greek swimmer that participated in the 1896 Summer Olympics in Athens
  • Sozos Andreou (born 1969), Greek-Cypriot footballer
  • Theo Andreou (born 1969), Greek-Cypriot entrepreneur