Andrei Folbert

Andrei Folbert (January 6, 1931 – September 9, 2003), nicknamed "The Hope" by his fans and officially "The Magician under the boards", was a professional basketball player and captain of the Romanian basketball team for 25 years. As a player and coach he served the basketball magic for over 38 years. Folbert was known throughout his career for being a strong clutch performer. He decided numerous games with his plays. His competitiveness was visible in his prolific talk and well-known work ethic. Being the complete player, characterized by speed, long range shooting skills, astonishing dribbling and perfect ball handling, surprisingly assists and steals, he put his trademark delivering a spectacular game and creating a unique, unforgettable show remembered even after 50 years by the attendance. He is unanimously recognized, as the All Time Best Romanian Basketball Player.

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