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Other Tenses

The other tenses are formed without contraction. The vowel of the stem is lengthened and the suffix is added normally. e.g.:

  • τιμάω → τιμῶ: future: τιμήσω, aorist: ἐτίμησα, perfect: τετίμηκα, past perf.: ἐτετιμήκειν
  • ποιέω → ποιῶ: future: ποιήσω, aorist: ἐποίησα, perfect: πεποίηκα, past perf.: ἐπεποιήκειν
  • δηλόω → δηλῶ: future: δηλώσω, aorist: ἐδήλωσα, perfect: δεδήλωκα, past perf.: έδεδηλώκειν

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