Anatoly Karpov - Notable Games

Notable Games

  • Viktor Korchnoi vs Anatoli Karpov, Moscow 1973 Karpov sacrifices a pawn for a strong center and queenside attack.
  • Anatoly Karpov vs Gyula Sax, Linares 1983 Karpov sacrifices for an attack that wins the game 20 moves later, after another spectacular sacrifice from Karpov and counter-sacrifice from Sax. It won the tournament's first brilliancy prize. This was not the first time Karpov used the sharp Keres Attack (6. g4) – see his win in Anatoli Karpov vs Vlastimil Hort, Alekhine Memorial Tournament, Moscow 1971
  • Anatoly Karpov vs Veselin Topalov, Dos Hermanas 1994 features a sham sacrifice of two pieces, which he regains with a forcing variation culminating in the win of an exchange with a technically won endgame.

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