Anarchism and The Arts

Anarchism And The Arts

Anarchism has long had an association with the arts, particularly in music and literature. It shares this trait with other political movements, such as socialism, communism, liberalism, conservatism, libertarianism and even fascism.

The influence of anarchism is not always directly a matter of specific imagery or public figures, but may be seen in a certain stance towards the liberation of the total human being and the imagination.

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Famous quotes containing the words anarchism and/or arts:

    Anarchism is the only philosophy which brings to man the consciousness of himself; which maintains that God, the State, and society are non-existent, that their promises are null and void, since they can be fulfilled only through man’s subordination. Anarchism is therefore the teacher of the unity of life; not merely in nature, but in man.
    Emma Goldman (1869–1940)

    I too have arts and sorceries;
    Illusion dwells forever with the wave.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)