Analord is a 3½ hour, 42-track series of recordings on 12" vinyl by UK-based electronic music artist Richard D. James. The first instalment, Analord 10, went on sale through the Rephlex Records website on 15 December 2004, and was packaged in a faux-leather binder with sleeves for housing the rest of the series. It was later re-released as a picture disc. Both pressings of Analord 10 were marketed under James' primary alias Aphex Twin, although other Analord recordings were released under the AFX pseudonym. A condensed, album-length version of the series, Chosen Lords was released in 2006.

On 24 December 2009, the website of Rephlex Records was re-launched and began posting unreleased/bonus tracks for the ANALORD series in MP3 and WAV digital formats. To date, 20 bonus tracks have been added to the series.

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