AMX may refer to:

  • AMX LLC, a manufacturer of commercial and residential control systems
  • The AMX, a sports car made by American Motors Corporation (AMC)
  • América Móvil, Mexican telecommunications company
  • The AMX International AMX, a fighter aircraft
  • AMX International, the company that makes the AMX aircraft
  • Armored Vehicles produced by GIAT Industries of France - from Atelier de Construction d'Issy-Les-Molineaux
    • AMX 50 - heavy tank
    • AMX 30 - main battle tank
    • AMX 13 - light tank
    • AMX 10 RC - armored fighting vehicle
    • AMX 56 - main battle tank better known as Leclerc
  • AMX Mod, a server-side modification for Half-Life games
  • AMX192, a lighting control standard
  • AMX-4, a GE Healthcare mobile X-Ray System
  • Amakusa Airlines

As a three-letter abbreviation with multiple meanings:

  • AMX index, (Amsterdam Midkap Index) a stock market index of Euronext Amsterdam
  • AMX - Aeroméxico's ICAO airline designator
  • AMX - Appserver Management eXtensions (a JMX proxy layer in the GlassFish application server)