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The KGB, a military organization that provided national defense in the Soviet Union, played a major role in the battle of espionage and tactics in the Cold War. The American Embassy in the Soviet Union appeared to have been invaded by the KGB’s efforts to acquire any useful information from the United States. According to Stan Levchenko, a former KGB officer, “The KGB would never lose a chance just to look around.”

This was confirmed first in 1988 when a brand new American Embassy in the Soviet Union was abandoned after Soviet “workers” had filled the building with wire bugs, hidden recording devices, to gain information.

However, during a large fire on March 28, 1991 at the American Embassy, the KGB was believed to have stolen several classified documents and equipment. The KGB did have complete access to the building as it was on fire, leading many to believe the fire was intentionally set by the Soviets to gain access to American information. This event sparked controversy in the United States, leading to negotiations and agreements with the Soviets.

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