American Dragon

American Dragon can refer to:

  • Bryan Danielson, a professional wrestler (better known as Daniel Bryan) who uses the nickname "American Dragon"
  • American Dragon: Jake Long, an animated television series

Famous quotes containing the words american and/or dragon:

    Smoking ... is downright dangerous. Most people who smoke will eventually contract a fatal disease and die. But they don’t brag about it, do they? Most people who ski, play professional football or drive race cars, will not die—at least not in the act—and yet they are the ones with the glamorous images, the expensive equipment and the mythic proportions. Why this should be I cannot say, unless it is simply that the average American does not know a daredevil when he sees one.
    Fran Lebowitz (b. 1950)

    One dragon may breed nine different offspring.
    Chinese proverb.