Amend as a verb means to change or modify something, as in:

  • Constitutional amendment, a change to the constitution of a nation or a state
  • Amend (motion), a motion to modify a pending main motion in parliamentary procedure
  • Amend something previously adopted, a motion to modify a previously adopted motion

Amend as a surname may refer to:

  • Bill Amend (born 1962), American cartoonist
  • Eric Amend (born 1965), former tennis player

Famous quotes containing the word amend:

    Do thou amend thy face, and I’ll amend my life.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    Theseus. The best in this kind are but shadows; and the worst are no worse, if imagination amend them.
    Hippolyta. It must be your imagination then, and not theirs.
    Theseus. If we imagine no worse of them than they of themselves, they may pass for excellent men.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    We praise Him, we bless Him, we adore Him, we glorify Him, and we wonder who is that baritone across the aisle and that pretty woman on our right who smells of apple blossoms. Our bowels stir and our cod itches and we amend our prayers for the spiritual life with the hope that it will not be too spiritual.
    John Cheever (1912–1982)