Alternative Versions of Supergirl

Alternative versions of Supergirl focuses on stories published by DC Comics in which various incarnations of the character has been placed in storylines taking place both in and outside of mainstream continuity.

Within mainstream continuity, several characters have claimed the mantle of "Supergirl" and due to DC Comics' "Multiverse" system of alternate realities, continuity "reboots" as well as stories involving time travel, a number of variant iterations of the character exist in alternate universes. Alternative versions of Supergirl have been featured in various DC comic publications including the "Elseworlds" imprint.

Supergirl was originally introduced in Action Comics #252 as the cousin of the publisher's flagship superhero, Superman in the story The Supergirl from Krypton. In most depictions, she is an alien from the planet Krypton, possessing a multitude of superhuman abilities derived from the rays of a yellow sun. Other mainstream characters have taken the name Supergirl over the years, with decidedly non-extraterrestrial origins, such as a that of a superhuman artificial life-form and later a troubled young woman reborn as an "Earth-born Angel."

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