Alternated Hypercubic Honeycomb

In geometry, the alternated hypercube honeycomb (or demicubic honeycomb) is a dimensional infinite series of honeycombs, based on the hypercube honeycomb with an alternation operation. It is given a Schläfli symbol h{4,3...3,4} representing the regular form with half the vertices removed and containing the symmetry of Coxeter group for n ≥ 4. A lower symmetry form can be created by removing another mirror on a order-4 peak.

The alternated hypercube facets become demihypercubes, and the deleted vertices create new orthoplex facets. The vertex figure for honeycombs of this family are rectified orthoplexes.

These are also named as hδn for an (n-1)-dimensional honeycomb.

n Name Schläfli
Symmetry family

Coxeter-Dynkin diagrams by family
2 Apeirogon {∞}
3 Alternated square tiling
(Same as {4,4})

4 Alternated cubic honeycomb h{4,3,4}

5 16-cell tetracomb
(Same as {3,3,4,3})

6 5-demicube honeycomb h{4,33,4}

7 6-demicube honeycomb h{4,34,4}

8 7-demicube honeycomb h{4,35,4}

9 8-demicube honeycomb h{4,36,4}

n n-demicubic honeycomb h{4,3n-3,4}