Alpine Skiing World Cup Women

A complete list of women's alpine skiing World Cup champions in the overall and each discipline. Multiple World Cups in the overall and in each discipline are marked with (#).

Combined events (calculated using results from selected downhill and slalom races) were included starting with the 1974–75 season, but a discipline trophy was only awarded during the next season (1975–76) and then once again starting with the 1979–80 season. Prior to the 2006–7 season, no trophy had been officially awarded for the combined since the late 1980s. Note that no women's combined events were completed during the 2003–4 season. The table below lists the leader of the combined standings each season even if no trophy was awarded.

The Super G was added for the 1982–83 season, but from 1983 to 1985, Super G results were included with giant slalom, and a single trophy was awarded for giant slalom.

Year Overall Downhill Super G Giant Slalom Slalom Combined
2012 Lindsey Vonn (4) Lindsey Vonn (5) Lindsey Vonn (4) Viktoria Rebensburg (2) Marlies Schild (4) Lindsey Vonn (3)
2011 Maria Riesch Lindsey Vonn (4) Lindsey Vonn (3) Viktoria Rebensburg Marlies Schild (3) Lindsey Vonn (2)
2010 Lindsey Vonn (3) Lindsey Vonn (3) Lindsey Vonn (2) Kathrin Hölzl Maria Riesch (2) Lindsey Vonn
2009 Lindsey Vonn (2) Lindsey Vonn (2) Lindsey Vonn Tanja Poutiainen (2) Maria Riesch Anja Pärson
2008 Lindsey Vonn Lindsey Vonn Maria Riesch Denise Karbon Marlies Schild (2) Maria Riesch
2007 Nicole Hosp Renate Götschl (5) Renate Götschl (3) Nicole Hosp Marlies Schild Marlies Schild
2006 Janica Kostelić (3) Michaela Dorfmeister (2) Michaela Dorfmeister (2) Anja Pärson (3) Janica Kostelić (3) Janica Kostelić (4)
2005 Anja Pärson (2) Renate Götschl (4) Michaela Dorfmeister Tanja Poutiainen Tanja Poutiainen Janica Kostelić (3)
2004 Anja Pärson Renate Götschl (3) Renate Götschl (2) Anja Pärson (2) Anja Pärson --
2003 Janica Kostelić (2) Michaela Dorfmeister Carole Montillet Anja Pärson Janica Kostelić (2) Janica Kostelić (2)
2002 Michaela Dorfmeister Isolde Kostner (2) Hilde Gerg (2) Sonja Nef (2) Laure Péquegnot Renate Götschl (2)
2001 Janica Kostelić Isolde Kostner Régine Cavagnoud Sonja Nef Janica Kostelić Janica Kostelić
2000 Renate Götschl Regina Häusl Renate Götschl Michaela Dorfmeister Špela Pretnar Renate Götschl
1999 Alexandra Meissnitzer Renate Götschl (2) Alexandra Meissnitzer Alexandra Meissnitzer Sabine Egger Hilde Gerg (2)
1998 Katja Seizinger (2) Katja Seizinger (4) Katja Seizinger (5) Martina Ertl (2) Ylva Nowén Hilde Gerg
1997 Pernilla Wiberg Renate Götschl Hilde Gerg Deborah Compagnoni Pernilla Wiberg Pernilla Wiberg (3)
1996 Katja Seizinger Picabo Street (2) Katja Seizinger (4) Martina Ertl Elfi Eder Anita Wachter (3)
1995 Vreni Schneider (3) Picabo Street Katja Seizinger (3) Vreni Schneider (5) Vreni Schneider (6) Pernilla Wiberg (2)
1994 Vreni Schneider (2) Katja Seizinger (3) Katja Seizinger (2) Anita Wachter (2) Vreni Schneider (5) Pernilla Wiberg
1993 Anita Wachter Katja Seizinger (2) Katja Seizinger Carole Merle (2) Vreni Schneider (4) Anita Wachter (2)
1992 Petra Kronberger (3) Katja Seizinger Carole Merle (4) Carole Merle Vreni Schneider (3) Sabine Ginther (2)
1991 Petra Kronberger (2) Chantal Bournissen Carole Merle (3) Vreni Schneider (4) Petra Kronberger Sabine Ginther
Florence Masnada
1990 Petra Kronberger Katharina Gutensohn Carole Merle (2) Anita Wachter Vreni Schneider (2) Anita Wachter
1989 Vreni Schneider Michela Figini (4) Carole Merle Vreni Schneider (3) Vreni Schneider Brigitte Oertli (4)
1988 Michela Figini (2) Michela Figini (3) Michela Figini Mateja Svet Roswitha Steiner (2) Brigitte Oertli (3)
1987 Maria Walliser (2) Michela Figini (2) Maria Walliser Vreni Schneider (2)
Maria Walliser
Corinne Schmidhauser Brigitte Oertli (2)
1986 Maria Walliser Maria Walliser (2) Marina Kiehl Vreni Schneider Erika Hess (5)
Roswitha Steiner
Maria Walliser
1985 Michela Figini Michela Figini Michela Figini
Marina Kiehl
Erika Hess (4) Brigitte Oertli
1984 Erika Hess (2) Maria Walliser Erika Hess Tamara McKinney Erika Hess
1983 Tamara McKinney Doris de Agostini Tamara McKinney (2) Erika Hess (3) Hanni Wenzel (3)
1982 Erika Hess Marie-Cécile Gros-Gaudenier -- Irene Epple Erika Hess (2) Irene Epple
1981 Marie-Theres Nadig Marie-Theres Nadig (2) -- Tamara McKinney Erika Hess Marie-Theres Nadig
1980 Hanni Wenzel (2) Marie-Theres Nadig -- Hanni Wenzel (2) Perrine Pelen Hanni Wenzel (2)
1979 Annemarie Moser-Pröll (6) Annemarie Moser-Pröll (7) -- Christa Kinshofer Regina Sackl Annemarie Moser-Pröll (2)
1978 Hanni Wenzel Annemarie Moser-Pröll (6) -- Lise-Marie Morerod (3) Hanni Wenzel --
1977 Lise-Marie Morerod Brigitte Totschnig (2) -- Lise-Marie Morerod (2) Lise-Marie Morerod (2) Hanni Wenzel
1976 Rosi Mittermaier Brigitte Totschnig -- Lise-Marie Morerod Rosi Mittermaier Rosi Mittermaier
1975 Annemarie Moser-Pröll (5) Annemarie Moser-Pröll (5) -- Annemarie Moser-Pröll (3) Lise-Marie Morerod Annemarie Moser-Pröll
1974 Annemarie Pröll (4) Annemarie Pröll (4) -- Hanni Wenzel Christa Zechmeister --
1973 Annemarie Pröll (3) Annemarie Pröll (3) -- Monika Kaserer Patricia Emonet --
1972 Annemarie Pröll (2) Annemarie Pröll (2) -- Annemarie Pröll (2) Britt Lafforgue (2) --
1971 Annemarie Pröll Annemarie Pröll -- Annemarie Pröll Britt Lafforgue
Betsy Clifford
1970 Michèle Jacot Isabelle Mir (2) -- Michèle Jacot
Françoise Macchi
Ingrid Lafforgue --
1969 Gertrud Gabl Wiltrud Drexel -- Marilyn Cochran Gertrud Gabl --
1968 Nancy Greene (2) Isabelle Mir
Olga Pall
-- Nancy Greene (2) Marielle Goitschel (2) --
1967 Nancy Greene Marielle Goitschel -- Nancy Greene Marielle Goitschel
Annie Famose

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