Allendale may refer to:

In Australia
  • Allendale, Victoria, town, population 330
In Canada
  • Allendale, Edmonton, a neighbourhood
  • Allendale Road, Edmonton
In England
  • Allendale, Northumberland
In the United States
  • Allendale, Fremont, California, part of Fremont, California
  • Allendale, Oakland, California, former community now part of Oakland, California
  • Allendale, Illinois, village
  • Allendale, Indiana, unincorporated community
  • Allendale, Michigan, census-designated place
  • Allendale Charter Township, Michigan
  • Allendale, Missouri, city
  • Allendale, New Jersey, borough
  • Allendale, South Carolina, town
  • Allendale County, South Carolina
  • The former name of Kissimmee, Florida, before its incorporation in 1883

Allendale may also refer to:

  • Allendale, a version of the Intel Core 2 microprocessor