Alkaline Trio / Hot Water Music

Alkaline Trio / Hot Water Music is a split EP by the Chicago-based punk rock band Alkaline Trio and the Gainesville, Florida-based punk rock band Hot Water Music, released January 22, 2002 through Jade Tree Records. In addition to new material, the EP features each band performing cover versions of songs from the other band's catalog, with Alkaline Trio covering Hot Water Music's "Rooftops" (from No Division) and Hot Water Music covering Alkaline Trio's "Radio" (from Maybe I'll Catch Fire) and "Bleeder" (from I Lied My Face Off). It was Alkaline Trio's first release with drummer Derek Grant, who replaced previous drummer Mike Felumlee in 2001.

Both bands later re-released their songs from the EP on compilation albums, with Alkaline Trio's tracks appearing on Remains in 2007 and Hot Water Music's tracks appearing on Till the Wheels Fall Off in 2008.

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