Alexander (magician) - Legacy


Alexander invested a great deal of money into the production and printing of beautiful chromolithograph posters for his stage show. When he retired from the stage, he kept these in storage and eventually sold the unused posters and all of his stage equipment and props to a magic dealer in Ohio in the 1940s. This dealer in turn sold the stage show and the posters to another magician, Lon Mandrake, who toured extensively during the 1950s under Alexander's name in order to make use of the large supply of full-colour posters. Thus, those who saw a show by "Alexander" in the 1950s actually were witnessing a recreation performance by Mandrake.

Alexander was mentioned by name in a 1950s episode of the NBC television production Playhouse 90 called "The Great Sebastians," starring Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne as a pair of stage magicians who resembled his old friends The Zancigs.

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