Alexander Anderson

Alexander Anderson is the name of:

  • Alexander Anderson (mathematician) (c. 1580–1620), Scottish mathematician
  • Alexander Anderson (illustrator) (1775–1870), American illustrator
  • Alexander O. Anderson (1794–1869), Tennessee senator
  • Alexander Anderson (Royal Marines officer) (1807–1877), British army general
  • Alexander Caulfield Anderson (1814–1884), Canadian explorer and fur trader
  • Alexander Anderson (poet) (1845–1909), Scottish poet
  • Alexander Anderson (botanist) (18th-century–1811), Scottish surgeon and botanist
  • Alexander Anderson (physicist) (1858–1936), Irish physicist and university president
  • Alexander Anderson (English socialist) (1878–1926), British socialist who helped found the Socialist Party of Great Britain
  • Alexander Anderson (Scottish politician) (1888–1954), Labour MP for Motherwell 1945–1954
  • Alexander Anderson (Hellsing), a fictional character in Hellsing
  • Alex Anderson (cartoonist) (1920–2010), creator of "Rocky the Flying Squirrel"
  • Alex Anderson (footballer) (1921–1999), Scottish footballer who played as a full-back
  • Alexander James Anderson (1863–1946), Canadian politician, barrister, and lawyer

Famous quotes containing the word anderson:

    ... the ... radio station played a Chopin polonaise. On all the following days news bulletins were prefaced by Chopin—preludes, etudes, waltzes, mazurkas. The war became for me a victory, known in advance, Chopin over Hitler.
    —Margaret Anderson (1886–1973)