The term alas may refer to:

  • Alas, Iran, a village in North Khorasan Province, Iran
  • an interjection used to express regret, sorrow, or grief
  • in geomorphology, a steep-sided depression formed by the melting of permafrost; it may contain a lake
  • in zoology, a wing or winglike body part
  • Alas (subdistrict), a subdistrict of the district Manufahi in East Timor
  • Alas people, an ethnic group in Aceh, Indonesia
  • Alas!, a work of literature by Rhoda Broughton
  • AlAs, aluminium arsenide
  • Alas (band), progressive metal band from USA
  • ALAS (band), a mid 1970s Argentine progressive rock band
  • the Spanish writer Leopoldo Alas y Ureña
  • Artificial Limb & Appliance Service
  • ALAS Foundation (Fundacion América Latina en Acción Solidaria), Movement dedicated to poor children in Latin America
  • Alas Chiricanas, a Panamanian airline
  • Alaska
  • The ALAS missile, a Serbian long-range ground attack missile
  • ALAS2 is a protein