Alaric Alexander Watts - Later Life

Later Life

Watts met and married Priscilla "Zillah" Maden Watts (born Wiffen) in the early 1820s. The couple had a child, Alaric Alfred, in 1825. Mrs. Watts also published and wrote for newspapers and magazines like The New Year's Gift and Juvenile Souvenir (1829-36) until she died in 1873.

Watts was involved with a number of provincial Conservative newspapers which were not financially successful. In 1848 he was sentenced for some time in debtors' prison; in 1850 he declared bankruptcy. In 1854, Lord Aberdeen came to his rescue by awarding Watts a civil service pension. In 1856 he was back to editing, publishing the first issue of Men of the Time. Watts died in London on 5 April 1864. His poems were collected as Lyrics of the Heart and published in 1850. In 1867 a collection of his poems was published in a volume titled The Laurel and the Lyre.

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