Alan Scholefield - Works


Macrae and Silver
  • Dirty Weekend Macmillan (1990)
  • Thief Taker Macmillan (1991)
  • Never Die in January Macmillan (1992)
  • Threats & Menaces Macmillan (1993)
  • Don’t Be a Nice Girl Macmillan (1994)
  • Night MovesMacmillan (1996)
Dr. Anne Vernon
  • Burn Out Headline (1994)
  • Buried Treasure Headline (1995)
  • Bad Timing Headline (1997)
  • A view of Vultures Heinemann (1966)
  • Great Elephant Heinemann (1967)
  • The Eagles of Malice Heinemann (1968)
  • Wild Dog Running Heinemann (1970)
  • The Young Masters Heinemann (1972)
  • The Hammer of God Heinemann (1973)
  • Lion in the Evening Heinemann (1974)
  • The Alpha Raid Heinemann (1976)
  • Venom Heinemann (1977)
  • Point of Honour Heinemann (1979)
  • Berlin Blind Heinemann (1980)
  • The Stone Flower Hamish Hamilton(1982)
  • The Sea Cave Hamish Hamilton (1983)
  • Fire in the Ice Hamish Hamilton (1984)
  • King of the Golden Valley Hamish Hamilton (1985)
  • The Last Safari Hamish Hamilton (1987)
  • The Lost Giants Hamish Hamilton (1989)
  • Loyalties Chapmans (1991)
  • Night Child Chapmans (1992)
  • The Drowning Mark Macmillan (1997)
Writing as Lee Jordan
  • Cat’s Eyes Hodder & Stoughton (1981 with Anthea Goddard)
  • Criss Cross Coronet (1983)
  • The Deadly Side of the Square Macmillan (1988)
  • The Toy Cupboard Macmillan (1989)
  • Chain Reaction Macmillan (1989)
  • The Dark Kingdoms Heinemann (1975)
TV Serials
  • River Horse Lake (1983)
  • Sea Tiger(1985) SABC
  • My Friend Angelo (1990) SABC
Stage Adaptations
  • Treasure Island (1978)

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