Aja or AJA may refer to:

In anthropology:

  • Aja people, a people living in Benin
    • Aja language (Niger-Congo), the language of the Aja people, part of the Gbe dialect continuum
  • Aja (people of Sudan), an ethnic group living in Sudan
    • Aja language (Nilo-Saharan), a language spoken in Sudan

In mythology

  • Aja (Hindu mythology)
  • Aja (Yoruba mythology)

In other uses:

  • Aja (album), a 1977 Steely Dan album (and a song on the album)
  • Aja Mountain, a mountain in Ha'il, Saudi Arabia
  • AJ Auxerre, a French football club
  • Al Jazeera Academy, an IB World School, Doha, Qatar
  • American Jewish Archives
  • American Journal of Archaeology
  • The Association of Japanese Animations
  • Ajaccio - Campo dell'Oro Airport's IATA airport code
  • Arbeitskreis gemeinnütziger Jugendaustauschorganisationen, a German organisation of non-profit youth exchange groups
  • The Australian Journalists Association, now part of the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance

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