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The Unicorn Club has an annual season in which 30 games plus a series of 2 championship games (total 32 games) are played. Rather than using a board with marbles, a replica of the board is used on a field.

Each color represents a team of 5 players, one of whom is designated as the leader; they wear T-shirts in their respective colors. The 4 players take the place of marbles; the leader watches, rolls, and makes decisions.

Each team has 5 home games during a season. Fans of each team, who are usually family and friends of the players, come to its home games and root for the team.

Neutral officials are present at every game, making rulings in disputes.

In team play, the following new rules are added:

  • The team finishing first wins the game. But all teams are required to finish.
  • The first-place finisher in the previous game gets 3 bonus rolls. The second-place finisher gets 2, and the third-place finisher gets one. Bonus rolls are used following the move of a player from the base to start with a 1. Their use is required when one is available; they cannot be passed up and stored.
  • The first-place finisher gets to start the following game first with a player on start rather than on the base. The order is always the same otherwise, resembling the colors of the real board.
  • The fifth-place finisher must wait until the first 4 teams have a player freed from the base before being allowed to start.
  • The last place finisher must wait until all 5 other teams have started, and at least one team (3 if cursed) has reached the home section (safety).
  • If a team has all its players sent back to start (square one), it is considered as if it had already freed a player for the purpose of allowing other teams to start.
  • A roll of 5 allows a bonus roll if used to move a player from start to a shortcut (known as "the wheel"). This applies even if it is another team's start. This move is known as a "Hi-Five." Teams have the tradition of holding a player in the start as long as possible, waiting and hoping for a Hi-Five. This is called "Hi-Five ready." Hi-Fives are used to get most players around the board.
  • Moving onto another team's start is prohibited unless:
  1. That team's base is empty
  2. It is reached by a 6
  3. There is no other possible legal move
However, if a player manages to land there by any of the above methods, he may remain there as long as the team wishes.
  • The super shortcut cannot be used until at least one team has finished. Even then, it can only be accessed from the 6 spaces from one's own start.
  • After 5 teams have successfully finished, if the final team is unable to make a legal move in 6 consecutive rolls, or fails to finish within 6 rolls after bringing its final piece into home stretch (the last 7 spaces before the finish), the team does not finish. It is considered "cursed," meaning that it cannot start the next game until at least 3 other teams bring a player into safety.

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