Agenda may refer to:

  • Agenda (meeting), points to be discussed; sometimes refers to the list of topics itself
  • Political agenda, the set of goals of an ideological group; also used as above, the topics under discussion by a government
  • Lotus Agenda, a piece of Personal Information Manager software
  • Agenda (liturgy), a book used in Lutheran worship
  • The Agenda, a current affairs television program aired by TVOntario
  • Agenda (poetry journal), a literary periodical in the United Kingdom
  • Agenda (TVNZ programme), a New Zealand current events programme
  • Agenda (BBC Scotland programme), a BBC Scotland current affairs programme
  • Personal organizer, also known as an agenda

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Famous quotes containing the word agenda:

    The failures of the press have contributed immensely to the emergence of a talk-show nation, in which public discourse is reduced to ranting and raving and posturing. We now have a mainstream press whose news agenda is increasingly influenced by this netherworld.
    Carl Bernstein (b. 1944)

    The first full-fledged generation of women in the professions did not talk about their overbooked agenda or the toll it took on them and their families. They knew that their position in the office was shaky at best. . . . If they suffered self-doubt or frustration . . . they blamed themselves—either for expecting too much or for doing too little.
    Deborah J. Swiss (20th century)

    The Law of Triviality ... briefly stated, it means that the time spent on any item of the agenda will be in inverse proportion to the sum involved.
    C. Northcote Parkinson (1909–1993)