Agency (LDS Church)

Agency (LDS Church)

Agency (also referred to as free agency or moral agency), in Latter-day Saint theology, is "the privilege of choice which was introduced by God the Eternal Father to all of his spirit children in the premortal state". Mortal life is viewed as a test of faith, where our choices are central to the Plan of Salvation. "It was essential for their eternal progression that they be subjected to the influences of both good and evil". Mormons believe that Lucifer presented an alternative plan, which resulted in a war in heaven, with Lucifer being cast out of heaven and becoming Satan.

Mormons further believe that all individuals have the ability to differentiate between good and evil. Additionally Mormons believe that Satan and his followers are not able to tempt people beyond the point where they can resist. This implies that mortals can be held accountable for our actions; mortals will be judged by God based on a combination of our faith and works (with Salvation coming only through the power, mercy and grace of Jesus Christ).

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