African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem - Cultural Diplomacy

Cultural Diplomacy

The Hebrew Israelite community has maintained a very active presence in different social and political sectors around the world. Since their arrival in the land of Israel, they have been promoting their holistic lifestyle and "spiritual" worldview as a potential solution to many of the problems in the world today. Their international staff of specialists and diplomats are sent to different parts of the world to offer advice, provide solutions and develop strategic partnerships with other progressive individuals, communities and organizations. The influence of this relatively small community can be seen in areas as diverse as the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD), the African Centre for the Conflict Resolution of Disputes(ACCORD), the Ghanaian Ministry of Health and even the United Nations.

The Hebrew Israelites have been working with various African communities throughout Israel and in Palestine to bring about a greater level of unity and cooperation amongst these historically divided and disadvantaged people. They formed the "Middle East Africa Diaspora Unity Council" in March, 2012, and formally registered it under the 6th Region of the African Union. One of their long-term goals is to implement socially regenerative programs which would unify and uplift the African presence in the Middle East which has been negatively impacted by racism and other social maladies.

In April of 2011, Ben Ammi led a 7-member delegation to South Africa to engage in discussions with His Majesty King Goodwill Zwelithini and the South African Government to explore options of replicating the "Dimona Model" for community development in the country. He was accompanied by Prince Buza Zulu, a representative from the Zulu Royal family

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