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Other Sports Leagues

  • Alberta Football League, an amateur Canadian football league
  • American Fencing League, a league for amateur standard fencing competition in the United States
  • American Fight League An American mixed martial arts company founded in 2006
  • American Football League (AFL), a name shared by several separate and unrelated professional American football leagues:
    • American Football League (1926) (a.k.a. "AFL I") - first rival of the National Football League (NFL) that competed in 1926
    • American Football League (1934) - regional borderline-major league that competed in 1934
    • American Football League (1936) (a.k.a. "AFL II") - second rival of the NFL that competed in 1936 and 1937
    • American Football League (1938) - minor professional American football league that changed its name to the American Professional Football Association in 1939
    • American Football League (1940) (a.k.a. "AFL III") - third rival of the NFL that competed in 1940 and 1941
    • American Football League (1944) - offshoot of the Pacific Coast Professional Football League, played one year before merging back with the PCPFL
    • American Football League (1946) - name adopted by the American Association minor American football league in 1946
  • Arizona Fall League, American baseball league

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