AEC - Business


  • Architecture Engineering Construction, a standard acronym for the Architectural, Engineering and Construction Industries
  • Aero Engine Controls, a Rolls-Royce plc and Goodrich Corporation Joint Venture
  • Aircraft engine controls
  • Airflow Exploration Center, an HVAC information hub, USA
  • Alliance Entertainment Corporation, a record label
  • Anger Engineering Company (automobile company), an automobile company from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, from 1913-1915
  • Apollo Ethics and Compliance, the ethics and compliance department of Apollo Group, Inc., a higher education company
  • Architectural Energy Corporation, Makers of REM/Rate Home Energy Rating Software for calculating a HERS index
  • Associated Equipment Company, better Known as AEC, a British bus and lorry (truck) manufacturer
  • Astro AEC, Asian Entertainment Channel, a Malaysian pay-TV channel
  • Aircraft Engineering Corp. - 535 E 79 St, New York NY - an American aircraft manufacturer

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