Advanced Squad Leader Modules

Advanced Squad Leader Modules

Modules for the game Advanced Squad Leader (ASL) contained all the equipment needed to actually play the game. There are twelve official so-called "core" modules that contain the essential components for a complete order of battle of all major nationalities to participate in the Second World War. Ownership of all core modules was not a prerequisite to playing the game, and as few as one module can be used. In addition to core modules, other products were also available and may be loosely referred to as "modules", or in the more specific terms as Deluxe ASL Modules and Historical ASL Modules. These required previous ownership of some of the core modules in varying combinations, or at least the components of them (rules sections and counters, and sometimes mapboards).

Each module generally contained the complete order of battle for at least one nationality, including 1/2" counters depicting infantry squads, crews, and SMCs (single man counters) as well as infantry support weapons. Some modules expanded coverage with 5/8" counters depicting vehicles and ordnance. Those modules with vehicle and ordnance counters generally also contained pages for Chapter H of the ASL Rulebook, which gave detailed notes and information on each type of vehicle or piece of ordnance.

Some modules also contained chapters specific to certain theatres, such as North Africa or the Pacific, where special rules for nationality distinctions, terrain and weather were required.

When the Finnish module "Hakkaa Päälle" is released, the Advanced Squad Leader will become the first tactical level wargame in history to be able to portray the armies of every nationality that participated in hostilities in the Second World War.

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