Adonis (plant)

Adonis (plant)

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Adonis is a genus of about 20-30 species of flowering plants of the family Ranunculaceae, native to Europe and Asia.

The species grow to 10-40 cm in height, with feathery, finely divided leaves. Their flowers are red, yellow or orange and have 5-30 petals.

Selected species
  • Adonis aestivalis - summer pheasant's-eye
  • Adonis aleppica
  • Adonis amurensis - Far East Amur adonis
  • Adonis annua (syn. A. autumnalis) - pheasant's-eye or blooddrops
  • Adonis bobroviana
  • Adonis chrysocyathus
  • Adonis coerulea
  • Adonis cyllenea
  • Adonis davidii
  • Adonis dentata
  • Adonis distorta
  • Adonis flammea
  • Adonis microcarpa
  • Adonis nepalensis
  • Adonis palaestina
  • Adonis pyrenaica from the Pyrenees, has thick foliage and large golden yellow flowers in early summer.
  • Adonis ramosa
  • Adonis sibirica
  • Adonis sutchuenensis
  • Adonis tianschanica
  • Adonis vernalis - spring pheasant's-eye
  • Adonis volgensis

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