Addy may refer to:

in people:

  • Bob Addy (1845–1910), American baseball player
  • David Addy (born 1990), Ghanaian footballer
  • Gifty Addy (born 1984), Ghanaian sprinter
  • Jangy Addy (born 1985), Liberian decathlete
  • Lee Addy (born 1990), Ghanaian footballer
  • Mark Addy (born 1964), British actor
  • Mark Diamond Addy, Ghanaian politician
  • Mercy Addy (born 1964), Ghanaian sprinter
  • Mustapha Tettey Addy, Ghanaian drummer and ethnomusicologist
  • Obo Addy (1936–2012), Ghanaian drummer and dancer
  • Wesley Addy (1913–1996), American actor
  • Addy Dawn Jimenez (1993-present), Philippine Actor

in places:

  • Addy, Washington, unincorporated community in Stevens County, Washington, United States

in other:

  • Addy Awards, advertising competition
  • Zack Addy, fictional character in the television series Bones
  • Addy Walker, a doll from the American Girl series.
  • Adderall, a drug for ADHD and narcolepsy.
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