Achard is a surname and was a given name in the Middle Ages

As a surname, it may refer to:

  • Albert Achard (1894-1972), French World War I flying ace
  • Antoine Achard (1696-1772), Swiss Protestant minister
  • Emile Achard (1860-1944), French physician
  • Franz Karl Achard (1753-1821), Prussian chemist
  • Jean Achard (1807-1884), French painter
  • Jean-Louis Achard, Minister of Supply in Vichy France
  • Julien Alexandre Achard de Bonvouloir (1749-1783), secret French envoy to the American colonies
  • Louis Amédée Achard (1814-1876), French novelist.
  • Marcel Achard (1899-1974), French playwright

As a given name, it may refer to:

  • Achard of St. Victor (died 1172), French bishop
  • Count Achard of Lecce, Norman count of Lecce

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