Aberdeen Cup

The Aberdeen Cup was an annual tennis tournament held between national teams representing England and Scotland. It was hosted in Aberdeen, in north-eastern Scotland. The tournament has not been played since 2006 and there has been no indication that the tournament will be played again.

The tournament was held in a similar form to a Davis Cup match. There were rubbers in both singles and doubles play. Unlike the Davis Cup, there were also junior players taking part, with each of their rubbers worth half that of a senior rubber, and one ladies player on each team. Furthermore, with the exception of the 'headline' matches, between the two team captains, senior matches were only two sets long, with a 1-1 tie settled by tie-break. The junior matches were played over four games (see: Tennis score).

Interest in a match-up between English and Scottish tennis players was piqued by the emergence of Scotland's Andy Murray as one of the United Kingdom's best tennis players in 2005. The inaugural tournament, held in that year, was won by Scotland by 4½ to 2½. Scotland successfully defended their title in 2006, winning by the margin of 6½ to 1.

Both tournaments held were broadcast on Sky Sports.

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