Abelian - Topology and Number Theory

Topology and Number Theory

  • Abelian variety, a complex torus that can be embedded into projective space
  • Abelian surface, a two-dimensional abelian variety
  • Abelian function, a meromorphic function on an abelian variety
  • Abelian integral, a function related to the indefinite integral of a differential of the first kind
In category theory
  • Pre-abelian category, an additive category that has all kernels and cokernels
  • Abelian category, a preabelian category in which every monomorphism is a kernel and every epimorphism is a cokernel
In physics
  • A gauge theory is abelian or non-abelian depending on whether its symmetry group is commutative or non-commutative, respectively

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