A Lady's Morals

A Lady's Morals is a 1930 film offering a highly fictionalized account of singer Jenny Lind. The movie features Grace Moore as Lind, Reginald Denny as a lover, and Wallace Beery as P. T. Barnum; Beery would play Barnum again four years later in The Mighty Barnum. The film contains some fine opera arias by Moore and was directed by Sidney Franklin.

According to the Internet Movie Database, the film Jenny Lind is an alternate French language version of A Lady's Morals; only two actors are listed in both versions (Grace Moore and Paul Porcasi), and different actors are listed for PT Barnum (Wallace Beery, André Berley), as well as different directors and other crew.

Wallace Beery would play Barnum again in The Mighty Barnum four years later, with Virginia Bruce as Jenny Lind.

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