7 Day Weekend (album)

7 Day Weekend (album)

7 Day Weekend was released in 1985 on Jive Records. It was The Comsat Angels' fifth album. The album was reissued on CD with bonus tracks in 2001 for Jive's "Connoisseur Collection".

The album was named after a song about unemployment which the band never recorded. Jive issued four singles from this album: "You Move Me" (summer 1984), "Day One" (October 1984), "I'm Falling" and "Forever Young" (both 1985). In the end only "I'm Falling" ever charted in the UK, making it to #90, perhaps helped by being featured in the movie Real Genius.

In a 1997 interview, frontman Steve Fellows was asked how he viewed 7 Day Weekend in comparison with the band's other Jive album, Land. He said, "I'm slightly happier with 7 Day Weekend. It took off in several strange directions. I'm very fond of 'Still It's Not Enough,' which is almost like blues or something. A weird soul song. And 'You Move Me' was a great live song."

Fellows went through some turmoil with the record label during production of the album, though. On the song "I'm Falling," Jive arranged for an unknown session guitarist to replace Fellows' own work. Upon receiving a recording of it, he mailed it back to them in pieces. Soon after, the band and label parted company. Said Fellows, "They didn't understand us or care about us. They just wanted a hit pop group – to turn us into another Flock of Seagulls."

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