7.5 Cm Pak 97/38 - Production


In 1942, 2,854 pieces were deliviered; 858 more followed in 1943. In addition, 160 guns on 7.5 cm Pak 40 carriage (Pak 97/40) were built in 1943. The manufacturing cost of one piece was 9,000 reichsmarks, compared to 12,000 for Pak 40. Production was stopped because more powerful anti-tank guns were in service in adequate numbers.

Production of ammunition for Pak 97/38 and Pak 97/40, thousands
Type 1941 and before 1942 1943 1944 1945 Total
HL.Gr. (i.e. HEAT) 0 929.4 1,388.0 264.5 0 2,581.9
Sprgr. (i.e. HE-Frag) 0 769.4 1,071.3 957.7 14.3 ?
Pzgr. (i.e. Armor piercing) 0 359.4 597.3 437.3 0 ?

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