51st (Highland) Division

The 51st (Highland) Division was a British Territorial Force division that fought on the Western Front in France during the First World War. The division's insignia was a stylised 'HD' inside a red circle. Early doubts about the division's performance earned it the nickname of "Harper's Duds" after the name of its commander Major General G.M. Harper. The division also fought during the Second World War. The division was nicknamed the "Highway Decorators" in reference to the 'HD' insignia which adorned road signs along their axis of advance.

A related formation, the 51st (Scottish) Division, was reformed in the Territorial Army after the Second World War. Beckett 2008 says that TA units that were in suspended animation were formally reactivated on 1 January 1947, though no personnel were assigned until commanding officers and permanent staff had been appointed in March and April 1947. By December 1947 the formation had become 51st/52nd Scottish Division, but by March 1950 52nd Division had been recreated as an independent formation. From December 1955, the division was placed on a lower establishment, for home defence purposes only. On 1 May 1961 the division was merged with Highland District to become 51st Highland Division/District.

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