334 (novel) - Release Details

Release Details

  • Original publication of novellas:
    • "The Death of Socrates": as "Problems of Creativeness", in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, April 1967
    • "Bodies": in Quark/ #4, 1971
    • "Everyday Life in the Later Roman Empire": in Bad Moon Rising, 1973.
    • "Emancipation": in New Dimensions #1, 1971
    • "Angouleme": in New Worlds, 1971
    • "334": in New Worlds, 1972
  • 1972, UK, MacGibbon & Kee, ISBN 0-261-63283-3, hardcover
  • 1974, US, Avon Books, paperback
  • 1974, UK, Sphere, paperback
  • 1976, US, Gregg Press, hardcover
  • 1981, Australia, Magnum, paperback
  • 1987, US, Carroll & Graf, paperback
  • 1999, US, Vintage Books/Random House, ISBN 0-375-70544-9, trade paperback

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