2nd (National Communications) Signal Brigade - Role


The Brigade currently has two distinct operational roles:

  • National Communications - To provide mobile and static communications infrastructure for Government, Armed Forces and emergency services in the mainland United Kingdom, in the post-disaster recovery environment.
  • Regional Integrated Contingency Planning (ICP) Support - The various Signal Regiments provide General Officers Commanding, of their respective regional Brigades and Divisions, with secure Command and Control communications facilities to execute their regional Integrated Contingency Planning (ICP) responsibilities in their region. This is achieved through provision of:
    • Deployable Communications Detachments for Key Points and Brigade Headquarters, using the REEBOK LAN systems;
    • Mobile Signal Detachments and Brigade Tactical HQs and Liaison Offices, using Bowman radio and specialist data systems;

In addition, the Brigade also contributes soldiers to ongoing Operations world wide and has sole responsibility for meeting the Royal Signals contribution in the Balkans. 2 Signal Brigade units are also providing Regimental based formations as part of the UK contribution to the UN in Cyprus.

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