21 Cm Gr W 69

The 21 cm Granatenwerfer 69 (Literally, "grenade thrower") was a mortar used by Germany during World War II. This weapon may also be known as the GR 19 and B 19.

The prototype was built by Skoda as the 22 cm sGrW B 14, but was redesigned to 21 cm at OKH's request to utilize existing ammunition. In firing position, the wheels rested in shoes that rested on a semicircular rail track. The baseplate was attached to the mount by a ball joint to allow for traverse without reseating the baseplate. Elevation was obtained by rack and pinion on the upright legs. The firing mechanism was built into the breech ring and was of the continuous pull type. It was designed to be towed as a complete unit, the baseplate riding above the tube.

It fired a light bomb of 85 kilograms (190 lb) and a heavy bomb of 110 kilograms (240 lb).