2008–09 Coupe de La Ligue - Calendar


On 16 July, the Ligue de Football Professionnel announced the calendar for the Coupe de la Ligue.

Note: Due to Paris Saint-Germain's re-entry into the tournament, the draw was redone with different dates attached to the matches.

Date Event
2 September 2008 5 clubs from Championnat National and 5 clubs from Ligue 2 entered the competition
9 September 2008 Remaining clubs from Ligue 2 entered the competition
23–24 September 2008 Clubs from Ligue 1, except Olympique Lyonnais and Bordeaux, entered the competition
11–12 November 2008 Round of 16 (Olympique Lyonnais and Bordeaux entered the competition)
13–14 January 2009 Quarterfinals
3–4 February 2009 Semifinals
25 April 2009 (Saturday) Coupe de la Ligue Final

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