2006 Fox Journalists Kidnapping

2006 Fox Journalists Kidnapping

Fox News Channel journalists Olaf Wiig (1970–), a New Zealand photojournalist, and Steve Centanni, an American reporter, were kidnapped in the Gaza Strip by the Holy Jihad Brigades, a previously unknown group of Palestinian militants, from their TV van near the Palestinian security services' headquarters on August 14 2006.

No militant group initially claimed responsibility and no demands were made. Only on August 24, ten days after the kidnapping, was a video released of the men. The Holy Jihad Brigades demanded that all Muslim prisoners in the United States be released within 72 hours. No indication was given as to what would happen after this time if the demand was not met.

The two were released on August 27 2006, after a video was released with the two men stating they have converted to Islam. The two men later said they were forced to convert to Islam at gunpoint.

Rumours have circulated that the two were freed for $US2 million ransom, although Fox News denies it.

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