1930 in Tennis

The year 1930 in tennis was a complex mixture of mainly amateur tournaments composed of international, invitational, national, exhibition, team (city leagues, country leagues, international knock-out tournaments) events and joined by and marginal Pro Tour restricted to British, German, French and American Pro events.

At the end of the Pro season the champion title was awarded, which in this year was given to the US Pro Champion. Vincent Richards held the title at the end of the year. The professionals were trainers in a major part those who accepted money for coaching. There were a few occasional professional against amateur challenges as well held in team competition format. The amateur events were almost all co-educated thus the majority included a mixed title contest. American Bill Tilden debuted this year on the European riviera scene winning almost every tournament he entered and took a dozen title partnering his protégé Wilbur Coen. The women's most successful players were Elizabeth Ryan in the European international championships and Helen Wills Moody who won the two most prestigious tournaments in Europe, the French Championships and Wimbledon. Australian Jack Crawford also left his mark on the Continental tennis scene.

The most important team cups were the Wightman Cup for women and the Davis Cup (called the International Lawn Tennis Challenge) for men. The 1930 Wightman Cup was its eighth edition and was organized by the United States Lawn Tennis Association between the teams of Great Britain and the United States. The 1930 International Lawn Tennis Challenge was its 25th edition and was organized by the International Tennis Federation. The America Zone was split into the North/Central America Zone and the South America Zone. The winner of each sub-zone would play to determine who moved to the Inter-Zonal round. 24 teams entered the Europe Zone (including India, Australia and Japan), while four participated in the America Zone. The United States defeated Mexico in the America Zone, but would then lose to France in the Challenge Round, giving France their fourth straight title. The final was played at Stade Roland Garros in Paris, France on July 25–27.

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