100 Yottametres

To help compare different orders of magnitude, this page lists distances greater than 100 Ym (1026 m or 11,000 million light years). At this scale, expansion of the universe becomes significant. Distance of these objects are derived from their measured redshifts, which depends on the cosmological models used.

Distances shorter than 100 Ym

  • 130 Ym — redshift 6.41 — 13,000 million light years — Light travel distance (LTD) to the quasar SDSS J1148+5251
  • 130 Ym — redshift 1000 — 13,700 million light years — Distance (LTD) to the source of the cosmic microwave background radiation; radius of the observable universe measured as a LTD
  • 260 Ym — 27,400 million light years — Diameter of the observable universe (double LTD)
  • 440 Ym — 46,000 million light years — Radius of the universe measured as a comoving distance.
  • 590 Ym — 62,000 million light years — Cosmological event horizon: the largest comoving distance from which light will ever reach us (the observer) at any time in the future
  • >>1,000 Ym (1 kYm in older usage) — Size of universe beyond the cosmic light horizon, depending on its curvature; if it is zero (i.e. the universe is spatially flat), the value is infinite (see shape of the Universe)

This series on orders of magnitude does not have a range of longer distances.