Íngrid Betancourt - Out of Captivity Book

Out of Captivity Book

In their book titled Out of Captivity, American Northrop Grumman contractors Marc Gonsalves, Keith Stansell, and Thomas Howes, all of whom spent time as hostages with Ingrid, described Betancourt's behavior as a captive of FARC as selfish, feeling she deserved better treatment than the other captives due to her political and social standing. The Americans, held captive by the FARC from 2003 to 2008, stated that throughout their captivity Betancourt claimed and took more than her fair share of scarce food, clothing, and personal space. Stansell said, "I can get over just about anything, but I don't know about Ingrid. Forgive? Yes. Move on? Yes. Respect? No." Marc Gonsalves has defended Betancourt:" For me she is a courageous person, she behaved like only heroes do, this is why I am so hurt with Keith's attacks."

Betancourt declined to comment on the Americans' allegations. A spokesperson for her said that she was "dedicated to writing her own book and not making declarations until it is finished."

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