É O Tchan! - Members


period vocals 1 vocals 2 male dancer loira morena
Original Lineup Beto Jamaica Compadre Washington Jacaré Carla Perez Débora Brasil
Lineup by year 2000 Sheila Mello Scheila Carvalho
Lineup by year 2005 Beto Jamaica
Tony Salles
Compadre Washington
Renatinho da Bahia
Silmara Miranda
Lineup by year 2010 Beto Jamaica Compadre Washington Gabriella Zecchinelli
Alessandra Quintino
Karol Loren
Juliane Almeida
Julie Pinho
Juliana Chocolate

Morenas who replaced Scheila Carvalho:

Aline Rosado (2005 - 2009)
Juliane Almeida (2005 - )

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