The original German term Zobel or its Spanish and Filipino renditions Zóbel is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Enrique Zobel
  • Fernando Zobel de Ayala
  • Fernando Zóbel de Ayala y Montojo
  • Hiller B. Zobel Massachusetts judge and author
  • Jaime Augusto Zobel
  • Jaime Zobel de Ayala
  • Joseph Zobel, Martinican author
  • Marita Zóbel, Philippine actress
  • Melchior Zobel von Giebelstadt, 16th century bishop
  • Otto Julius Zobel, filter inventor and researcher with the American Telephone and Telegraph Co in the first half of the 20th century.
  • Rainer Zobel, former German football (soccer) player and current coach
  • Rya Zobel, federal judge on the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts.
  • Zobel network constant resistance networks invented by Otto Zobel, and
    • a conjugate filter network often used in loudspeaker crossovers, named after Otto Zobel, circa 1925.
  • Zobel de Ayala family of the Philippines
  • A nickname of the De La Salle-Santiago Zobel School in Muntinlupa City, Philippines, named after a member of the Zobel de Ayala family.
  • The German name for sable
  • The German Zobel class fast attack craft

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Enrique Zobel
... Enrique Jacobo Emilio Zobel y Olgado (January 7, 1927–May 17, 2004), was a prominent Filipino businessman ... and Ángela Olgado, he was a member of the influential Zobel de Ayala family of the Philippines and a first cousin of Jaime Zobel de Ayala ... Zobel was chief executive officer of Ayala Corporation until 1983 and has been credited with spearheading the transformation of Makati City into Metro Manila's financial center while in ...
Composite Image Filter - Filter Section Types - Zobel Network
... The distinguishing feature of Zobel network filters is that they have a constant resistance image impedance and for this reason are also known as constant ... Clearly, the Zobel network filter does not have a problem matching to its terminations and this is its main advantage ... In filtering applications, the main role of Zobel networks is as equalisation filters ...
Rya Weickert Zobel
... Rya Weickert Zobel (born December 18, 1931) is a United States federal judge ... Born in Zwickau, Germany, Zobel received an A.B ... On January 25, 1979, Zobel was nominated by President Jimmy Carter to a new seat on the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts created by ...
Martin Zobel - Selected Scientific Works
... Zobel, M ... (1984) Экология и динамика прибрежных альварных растительных сообществ Эстонской ССР (Ecology and dynamics of coastal alvar plant communities in Estonia) ...
Conrad Von Bibra - Grumbach-Zobel Affair
... When, after the death of Conrad, Melchior Zobel of Giebelstadt, the new Prince Bishop asked for the money back from Grumbach ... Kretzen later murdered the next prince bishop, Meichior von Zobel (as well as Florian Geyer) on behalf of his employer Wilhelm von Grumbach ...